Brock grads celebrate Homecoming in Calgary

Proud Brock grads celebrating Homecoming in Calgary, L-R Kathie Thorpe (B.RLS ’08) Rebecca Mitchell (B.RLS ’11)  Michelle Greene (B.Kin ’06) cele

Proud Brock grads celebrate Homecoming in Calgary, L-R Katie Thorpe (B.RLS ’08) Rebecca Mitchell (B.RLS ’11) Michelle Greene (B.Kin ’06)

While Brock’s campus was buzzing in preparation for Homecoming 2013, a group of graduates 3,200 kilometres away created their own celebrations.

In downtown Calgary, 16 Brock graduates came together at Craft Beer Market on Sept. 19 to celebrate the one thing they all had in common: their alma mater, Brock University.

Katie Thorpe (BRLS ’08), a member of the Calgary Brock Alumni Network, helped co-ordinate the group’s first event. We connected with Katie, a Kitchener  native, who shared highlights of the Calgary Homecoming event,  life in Calgary and the proud Brock alumni who came together for the first time in honor of Homecoming.

How did you get involved in the Calgary network?

I became involved in the network while living in Niagara. After moving to Calgary, it gave me the incentive to connect to the University and to Brock grads in Calgary.

Brock grads gathered in Calgary in honor of Brock's Homecoming

Brock grads gathered in Calgary in honor of Brock's Homecoming

What is it like to be part of the Calgary network?

I enjoy it! The Calgary network is a diverse group; it includes a student from the first graduating class and new graduates who moved to Calgary and want to connect with other Brock grads. It also includes grads that grew up in Calgary and went to Brock. We plan to continue with the Calgary Homecoming in September and there are plans to do an event in the winter months. As the network grows, we hope to do larger ticketed events.

How did the graduates enjoy celebrating Homecoming in Calgary?

It was fun. We shared many memories about residence, professors and the Niagara community. There was a lot of talk about the Grape and Wine Festival, even talks about having our own Grape and Wine event in Calgary next year! It was great to talk to individuals who all had a common way to relate. Being in another province, it is always nice to find people to connect with, especially proud Badgers

Kathie taking in Alberta's beauty

Katie taking in Alberta's beauty

What brought you to Calgary?

I moved in October 2012 because I wanted the chance to work for a bigger municipality with more opportunities for growth and development. Living close to the mountains means there is an emphasis on an outdoor lifestyle. There is a real focus on work and life balance. Calgary is a vibrant city with many young people excited about starting their careers.

Interested in joining upcoming network events in Calgary? Contact Emily Hutton at

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