10 reasons why you should attend Homecoming


Brock Curling Team, 1968

How long has it been since you last visited Brock University? Do you miss the friends and fun times? Remember your friends from residence? Or those fun nights at the pub with your varsity buddies?  Whether it has been five or 25 years since your last visit, participating in Homecoming will take you back to those memorable Badger days and rekindle that Brock pride.  We’ve listed 10 Homecoming events and the reasons why you should come home Sept. 19-22.

Tour Brock’s campus

Because you never could figure out how to get to D Block in MacKenzie Chown, or F Block or G Block…

Attend Fine Food, Fine Wine

You only ever ate slices of pizza, mac and cheese and vending-machine snacks while at Brock. It’s time to try some real food already.

Cheer on the Badgers at an athletic event

Relive your Brock pride! Gather your varsity friends, throw on some red face paint, and chant, ‘Let’s go Badgers.’ Do this until you have no voice left, or until your friends say you are embarrassing them. Sometimes showing your Brock pride means having no shame.

Brock Cheerleaders circa 1980

Brock cheerleaders circa 1980

Reconnect with old friends

You want to impress your friends now since you no longer wear hoodies, flip-flops and pajama bottoms as a complete outfit. Since you’ve graduated, you can now afford clothing that goes on hangers.

Tour a winery

You had no idea there were so many award-winning wineries in Niagara! While you were a student, there were so many things to see and do in Thorold, there really was no point in venturing out.

Cameo Club

Although fashion was fun when you graduated in 1988, you now know that only Bon Jovi can pull off Bon Jovi. Get a fashion accessory that never goes out of style – your Brock Cameo pin.

Wine seminars in the park

Now that you’re well established and out of school, you can try drinks that aren’t ON special, but that ARE special.

Reunite with friends at a reunion!

Social media is by no means a substitute for connecting with your friends face to face. Memories are not made by posting videos of your pet trying to talk, or your latest bejeweled score.

Pub Night

Beer + music + friends = happiness, regardless of whether you are a student or a professional. It made you happy then… and still makes you happy today.

Attend a Homecoming concert

Because the only concerts you attend now are with your kids – and you’re over that.

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