Registration delays being addressed (June 17)


A surge of online registrations Monday morning from thousands of first-year students coming to Brock this fall resulted in a system overload and significant delays for many students trying to sign up for courses.

The problem began shortly after registrations opened at 6 a.m., when an initial demand of about 5,000 sessions sought to simultaneously get on the Brock database. This was more than three times the volume of a year earlier, when 1,500 sessions greeted the opening of first-year registrations in spring 2012.

More than a dozen IT staff worked throughout the day Monday to trace the problem and ease the processing crunch by allocating more memory to the registration system. At one point, the BrockDB system was shut down and rebooted to increase capacity for registrations.

By late afternoon, delays had been reduced but not eliminated. Still, registrations were getting through. By 3:30 p.m., 2,745 students had registered for 28,000 course components, and registrations were continuing.

Overall, about 3,800 first-years are eligible to register this year, although typically not all do so on the first day. For instance, last year about 2,800 first-year students registered over the first two days of registration.

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5 comments on “Registration delays being addressed (June 17)”

  1. Some courses like BIOL1F25 now say it has a waitlist yet there is not an add button

  2. Sarah says:

    ^You can click the plus sign on the left of that course and it will load a selection of lab offerings

  3. ann bain says:

    now into 5th hour trying to register for courses!!
    not impressed

  4. Kristen says:

    I may have something backwards here but I thought registration wasn’t until July. is there some kind of early registration?

  5. Darlene says:

    I am trying to register my son Landon Fletcher for his courses this coming fall and have much difficulty.