Still time to register for spring term

Professors Madelyn Law and Brent Faught are teaching their super course again this spring, offering two semesters-worth of credits in two weeks.

Professors Madelyn Law and Brent Faught are teaching their super course again this spring, offering two semester course credits in two weeks.

Students looking for something to do this summer need look no further than Brock’s spring and summer term course calendar.

There are still many courses being offered that have spots available for those interested in registering.

Want to get a context – or required – credit fast and with a chance at a higher mark than during the regular school year?

Introduction to Community Health Sciences (CHSC 1F90) may be that course.

The class, which starts Monday, condenses a full year’s worth of learning into two intensive weeks of in-class lectures and online assessments.

Two professors, Madelyn Law and Brent Faught, will cover cancer, cardiovascular disease, epidemiology, managing stress, sexuality, nutrition, mental health, infectious diseases, healthcare quality and personal safety, among other topics in this “super course.”

“Students are excited about taking the super course for several reasons, including the ease in concentrating on one course, allowing simpler summer job scheduling, and the course caters to the non-traditional student,” Faught said.

“Also, we have heard from several students from other universities who will be taking this class because they are returning home to the Niagara region and wish to benefit from this accelerated course.”

There are other benefits, too, including the possibility of achieving a higher grade, Faught noted.

In 2010 when the dynamic duo first taught the course, they found the class average was nine per cent higher than that of classes in the fall and winter terms.

“It could be due to the fact that super course students are completely immersed in one course from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day for two weeks and therefore, don’t need to juggle other courses,” Faught said.

With dozens more courses to choose from this spring, the opportunities for learning and getting ahead in one’s studies are plentiful.

“Students have consistently asked for the option of more context credits in the Spring,” said Anna Lathrop, Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning. “And this year we have a full roster.”

Among them are Introduction to the History of Western Art (VISA 1Q99), which runs May 6 to June 7, and Introduction to Visual Culture (VISA 1Q98), running July 15 to Aug. 22.

An Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 1F90), Cities and Sanctuaries of the Ancient World (CLAS 2P34), and Geology and the Environment (ESRC 1F90) are just some of the others.

Visit the spring and summer course calendar online to see what’s available.

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4 comments on “Still time to register for spring term”

  1. Bill says:

    I hope that the Superman logo was used by permission, although I do not see any credit or permissions printed by the Brock staff regarding DC Comics allowing the use of this logo. I am hoping Brock Marketing and Communications staff looked into this one, especially with the plagiarism policy held in high esteem here at Brock and the fact that this marketing campaign will be printed and distributed digitally.

  2. Student says:

    Have there been any studies to show the amount of knowledge retained from a super-course vs. a normal semester course? Are these being offered only because of demand, or to save the university money? I’m not trying to dismiss these course offerings as worth-while, but I’d like to know what the motivations are and whether they are solidly based on a goal to deliver high-quality education.

  3. Another Student says:

    As a student who has taken Spring and Summer offerings I found it a lot easier to concentrate on just a single subject versus a full schedule. I took astronomy last year and I feel that was the best way to do it because during that time I was fully immersed into what I was learning and my grade reflected that.

  4. arnold says:

    Brock is rated among the lowest in Ontario under macleans uni ranking (why?) and other websites. Mac,UFT, York uni’s….. all joke about how they have Borck as a subordinate. If all other uni’s are well established it doesn’t mean Brock is bad.