Brock bullying expert appears on TVO’s The Agenda

A Brock University developmental psychologist who researches bullying and victimization was a guest on TVO’s current affairs show The Agenda Monday night.

Tony Volk

Tony Volk

Tony Volk, associate professor of Child and Youth Studies, appeared on the program, “Why So Mean?” which looked at the culture of mean from schools and workplaces to the political and business worlds. It asked the question, “How can we tackle the problem of bullying in a society that seems conflicted about how it really feels about it?”

Drawing upon his and others’ research, Volk recently penned an Op-Ed, “Why bullies do what they do,” in The Globe and Mail on Oct. 22.

Last week was also the tenth annual Bullying Awareness Week in Canada – a national campaign held the third week of November to raise awareness about bullying amongst students while promoting positive relationships and providing youth with real-life solutions to help them deal with bullying behaviour.

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