Sid Segalowitz

Sid Segalowitz

Sid Segalowitz, Jane Dywan and their graduate students from the Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab recently attended the Society for Psychophysiological Research international meeting in Boston, Mass. from Sept 4 to 18. They made a number of presentations.

At the annual meeting, 10 student presentations are awarded prizes out of over 350 for which students are the primary and first author. Xin Zheng and Christine Lachner from Brock were two of the ten recipients this year.


  • Christine L. Lackner, William Marshall, Diane L. Santesso and Sidney J. Segalowitz – “Phase Reset Variables are Differentially Associated with Anxiety and Aggression in a Typically Developing Adolescent Sample”
  • Xin Zheng and Sidney J. Segalowitz – “The N170 Face Inversion Effect is Both Face-Specific and Domain-General: Separate Amplitude and Latency Effects”
  • Lesley J. Capuana, Raechelle M. Gibson, William J. Tays, Sidney J. Segalowitz and Jane Dywan – “Cortical and Cardiac Associations with Performance Monitoring and Accuracy of Response”
  • Meghan J. Weissflog, Jane Dywan and Sidney J. Segalowitz – “Manipulation of Spatial Attention While Viewing Emotional Faces Delays Electrophysiological Indices of Early Visual Processing”
  • James A. Desjardins and Sidney J. Segalowitz – “Time Course and Robustness of the N170 Face Effect at the Scalp and in Independent Components: Separating the N170 and P100 Face Effects”
  • Stefon J.R. van Noordt and Sidney J. Segalowitz – “Error-related Brian Potentials are Associated with Transient Increases in Spectral Power and Phase Alignment of Ongoing EEG Oscillations”
  • Angela Dzyundzyak, Mary H. MacLean and Sidney J. Segalowit – “Influence of Reward Information on Anticipatory Processes: CNV and Alpha Event-related Desynchrony Study”
  • Diane L. Santesso, Sidney J. Segalowitz, Jane Dywan, Terrance L. Wade and Diego A. Pizzagalli -“Enhanced ACC Responses to Negative Feedback are Related to Depressive Symptoms in Adults and Adolescents”
  • Sidney J. Segalowitz, Diane L. Santesso, Christine Lackner, Angela Dzyundzak and Jane Dywan.”Individual Differences in the Role of the Medial Frontal Cortex in Adolescent Self Regulation”

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