Faculty invited to be part of Social Justice and Equity Studies

Faculty are invited to apply for affiliation with the MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies (SJES) program.

The MA in SJES is interdisciplinary, diverse and pluralistic in its theoretical traditions, substantive problematics, methods and approaches. It trains students in critical analysis of social justice and equity issues as related to processes and struggles associated with age, ability, gender, sexuality, racism, speciesism, the environment, class and other patterns of inequality. Training in both theory and research methods links processes operating at and across a range of geographical scales, from the local to the global.

SJES seeks to enact an emancipatory politics of knowledge in favouring voices and perspectives that have been historically marginalized and who are actively resisting domination. These legacies and commitments inform the teaching and research done under the auspices of the SJES program at Brock and the criteria for affiliation and admission to the program.

The program unites scholars from distinct academic disciplines to provide an exciting breadth and diversity of perspectives. It is made up of participating faculty from several departments, including Child and Youth Studies, Community Health Sciences, Dramatic Arts, Education, Labour Studies, Sociology, Visual Arts and Women’s Studies. Students will be equipped to pursue doctoral studies and to offer their expertise as policy makers or policy consultants to social advocacy and social movement organizations as well as a wider public.

The affiliation process and forms are found at brocku.ca/webfm_send/16039. The deadline for applications is March 18.

Contact Kate Bezanson (kbezanson@brocku.ca) or the director, Susan Tilley (stilley@brocku.ca), with questions or concerns.

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