Seminar series hosts 13 experts from home and abroad

Professors from universities across Canada and northeastern U.S.A. will visit Brock as part of the Winter Seminar Series hosted by the Department of Biological Sciences.

Thirteen seminars are scheduled between now and April, and include academics from Cornell University, Northeastern University and the University of Saskatchewan. The series co-ordinator is Vincenzo De Luca, professor of Biological Sciences.

All seminars are on Fridays at 2:15 p.m. in MC H313. Scheduled seminars are as follows:

Friday, Jan. 15
Glenn Tattersall
Biological Sciences, Brock University
“The ups and downs of thermoregulation”
Host: Vincenzo De Luca

Thursday, Jan. 21
Ravi Chibbar
Plant Sciences, University of Saskatchwan
“Genomic strategies to understand and improve low-temperature tolerance in winter wheat”
Host: Vincenzo De Luca
Note: This seminar is at noon in AS 201.

Friday, Jan. 22
Alan Lakso
Department of Horticulture Sciences, Cornell University – New York State Agricultural Experiment Station
“How climate change may affect our climate and vineyards in New York and the Northeast”

Friday, Jan. 29
Wendy McFadden-Smith
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs, Vineland Station
“Dirty rotten scoundrels: Sour rot in grapes”
Host: Debbie Inglis

Friday, Feb. 5
A. Joffre Mercier
Department of Biological Sciences, Brock University
“Sex, violence and hormones: A sabbatical report”
Host: Vincenzo De Luca

Friday, Feb. 12
Michael Brownbridge
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, Vineland Station
“Tales from a Travelling Insect Pathologist”
Host: Michael Bidochka

Friday, Feb. 19
Jeannine Delwiche
Sensory Science and Psychophysics, Firmenich Inc., Princeton, N.J.
“Individual differences in taste perception”
Host: Gary Pickering


Friday, March 5
Darrell Desveaux
Department of Cell and Systems Biology, University of Toronto
“The Needle and The Damage Done: Type III Effectors & The Plant Immune Response”
Host: Charles Després

Friday, March 19
Barry Shelp
Department of Plant Agriculture, University of Guelph
“Two decades of GABA research on plants”
Host: Vincenzo De Luca

Friday, March 26
Robert Paxton
Department of Entomology, Cornell University
“Social evolution: Insights from the sweat bees”
Host: Miriam Richards

Friday, April 9
Mark Fast
Department of Pathology and Microbiology, Atlantic Veterinary College, University of PEI
“Fish hosts and parasites:  immunological and physiological processes”
Host:  Brent Wiens, grad rep

Friday, April 16
Carolyn Lee Parsons
Chemical Engineering Dept., Northeastern University
“Investigating Bottlenecks to Production of Medicinal Compounds from Plant Cell Cultures”
Host: Vincenzo De Luca

Friday, April 23
Antonet Svircev
Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, Southern Crop Protection & Food Research Centre, Vineland
“Biopesticides in agriculture: Present and future considerations”
Host: Alan Castle

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