Research grants in lieu of salary program relaunches

Brock Research has recently relaunched its Research Grants in Lieu of Salary program.

Under the Brock University/Brock University Faculty Association (BUFA) Collective Agreement, faculty may receive a research grant in lieu of salary. This allows a person to use funds for research purposes in compliance with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Interpretation Bulletin IT-75R4.

The program is offered by Brock University for faculty performing research during any academic year, including time on leave. The program permits, under certain conditions, a researcher to receive a research grant in lieu of salary through a mechanism that includes peer review for adequacy of the proposed activity.

The grant may be used to cover research activities, but not income supplementation, projects directed at teaching or development of teaching-related skills. Once the research grant has been established, funds are no longer considered to be salary and constitute a research grant that is subject to the regulations of the program and research-related policies of Brock University.

A few changes have been made in the program. Applications may now be submitted anytime rather than at designated deadlines. The application form has been simplified, and the adjudication process has been streamlined.

The guidelines, application form, and the CRA bulletin, can be found on the Brock Research website: Those considering applying to this program should plan to submit their applications at least two months before the time the funds are needed.

For further information, contact Josie Reed, x5208, or email

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