The Advanced Biomanufacturing Centre aims to work with industry to find solutions to their challenges.  These interactions are typically through one of three avenues:


Industry and researchers from the ABC partner to apply for funding from one of Ontario or Canada’s funding agencies to conduct research aimed at exploring an industrial challenge.  Funds from the industrial partner are typically leveraged to access additional funds from provincial or federal sources permitting the exploration of larger research questions driven by industry.

Contract research

Members of the ABC also enter into contract research projects, which are similar to consultancies but take place over a longer period of time. Businesses benefit from the use of the University’s facilities and retain their intellectual property, while the University generally benefits through publication rights.


Industrial partners can approach the ABC for short-term consulting services to augment their own company’s expertise, are looking for specific expertise, or are in need of technical advise as part of an internal due diligence process.