Social Value:
A study in economic theory, critical and constructive

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Benjamin McAlester Anderson Jr.

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Part I

Chapter I:
Problem and Plan of Procedure


Part II
Critique of Current Value Theory

Chapter II:
Formal and Logical Aspects of the Value Concept

Chapter III:
Value and Marginal Utility

Chapter IV:
Jevons, Pareto and Böhm-Bawerk

Chapter V:
Demand Curves and Utility Curves

Chapter VI:
The Vicious Circle of the Austrians

Chapter VII:
Professor Clark's Theory of Social Value


Part III
The Presuppositions of Economic Theory

Chapter VIII:
The Philosophical and Psychological Presuppositions

Chapter IX:
The Sociological Presuppositions


Part IV
A Positive Theory of Social Value

Chapter X:
Value as Generic -- The psychology of value

Chapter XI:
Recapitulation -- The social values -- Functions of the Value Concept in Economics

Chapter XII:
Social Value: Theories of Urban and Tarde

Chapter XIII:
Economic Social Value

Chapter XIV:
Economic Social Value (Continued)

Chapter XV:
Some Mechanical Analogies

Chapter XVI:
Professor Seligman's Psychological Doctrine of the Relativity of Values

Chapter XVII:
The Theory of Value  and the Theory of Prices

Chapter XVIII:
The Theory of Value and the Theory of Prices (concluded)

Chapter XIX:
The Theory of Value and the Social Outlook -- Summary


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