Types of Agreements

Types of Agreements


University Wide Agreements

Memorandum of Understanding
This document is used to initiate discussions for a potential collaboration. It does not commit either institution
to any specific collaboration or initiative. However, it does indicate that the institutions will likely enter partnerships to be defined in separate, supplementary agreements that will detail specific terms and conditions.

Agreement of Co-operation
This agreement between institutions may be used to establish expectations and identify potential areas of collaboration. The agreement is typically established after discussions between the institutions, and outlines resulting details and conditions agreeable to both parties.



Joint Academic Programs

 Foundation Programs
A foundation program focuses on international secondary school students who are interested in gaining admission to a university outside their home country. A Foundation Year incorporates ESL and context courses at the home institution. After this first part is completed, the students will continue ESL studies at Brock before transitioning to the undergraduate program.

International Degree Partnership

This agreement describes the terms and conditions by which students who complete approved prerequisite courses at another institution may transfer to Brock University to complete their degree.

Testing Agreements
Brock University has created an International Placement Test (IPT) and an International Test of English language proficiency (ITELP) admissions test. A testing agreement would be of interest if institutions are interested in assessing their students’ English language proficiency for possible future language training and/or admission to post-secondary education.

Short- or Long-Term ESL Programs
Short-term or long-term English as a Second Language (ESL) programs can be arranged either at Brock University or
at a partner institution. Some short- or long-term ESL programs have incorporated select undergraduate courses based on the requirements of the partner. Specific details related to such affiliations are arranged on an individual basis.