Confucius Institute Cultural & Art Troupe

Confucius Institute Cultural & Art Troupe

Dichen Zhang 张涤尘  (Advisor)                               Chinese visual arts       

Mr. Tao Yao 姚涛 & Ms. Ping Li 李平           Chinese visual arts       

Ms. Sara Li 李珑                                        Chinese ethnic dance   

Andrea Michaud 米兰                                  Chinese folk songs      

Dingxi Yao 姚丁曦                                       Chinese flute    

Echo 余晓婉                                                Chinese flute & hulusi 

Joy Yuyi Liu 刘瑜易                                        Piano & Keyboard

Sandra Yee                                                Chinese pipa     

St. Catharines Chinese School                     Singing, instruments, & dance 

Pony Peng 彭沛铭                                       Singing

Sonny Xu  徐旭祥                                        Violin on Chinese classic music 

Cheng Luo  罗澄                                         Chinese erhu   

Chunlei Lu  路春雷                                      Chinese folk songs & Beijing opera

Ning Wang 王宁                                          Chinese history            

Charles Burton 黄承安                                 Chinese history

Wing-Cheuk Chan  陈荣灼                           Chinese philosophy      

Bin Mu 牟斌                                                Chinese philosophy      

Herman Yu                                                 Technical support        

Peter Peng  彭会臣                                      Technical support       

Ye Li 李晔                                                   Technical support       

Confucius Institute at Brock is opening position for the new CI director.
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 Art Resource: two Chinese Drums with supports (size as the image indicates).

If you want to borrow them, please contact Confucius Institute at Brock University.