Marlene Slevpkov, Alison Cousinea and Lynn McCleary from the Department of Nursing presented a poster entitled “Clinical instruction strategies to support positive experiences for nursing students in mental health clinical placements” at the fifth National Mental Health Nurses Conference, Mental Health Nursing in the 21st Century: Social and Professional Responsibility in Toronto in October.

McCleary was also a coauthor of three papers presented at the Canadian Association on Gerontology Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting in Ottawa in October:

  • Boscart, V.M., McCleary, L., Woo, T., McGilton, K., and Donahue, P. Interprofessional knowledge exchange for enhanced gerontological and geriatric education in nursing, medicine, and social work.
  • Marziali, E., McCleary, L., Shnall, A., Goodman, M., and Halper, M. An assessment tool for identifying dementia caregiver resources, vulnerabilities and service needs.
  • Garcia, L., McCleary, L., Drummond, N., Cohen, C., McGilton, K., Xu, T., Malik, Y Triscott, J. Experiences of caregivers and persons with dementia during key transitions.
Posted on December 1, 2011

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