2023-2024 Undergraduate Calendar

Faculty and Librarians  
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Click on the department below to view a listing of Faculty Profiles. Faculty of Education: https://brocku.ca/education/faculty-and-staff/ Goodman School of Business: https://brocku.ca/goodman/faculty-research/faculty-directory/ Faculty of Social Sciences: https://brocku.ca/social-sciences/contact-us/ Faculty of Applied Health Sciences: https://brocku.ca/applied-health-sciences/faculty-research/faculty-directory/ Faculty of Mathematics & Science https://brocku.ca/directory/?department=600 Faculty of Humanities https://brocku.ca/humanities/faculty/  
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Mark Robertson, BA Toronto, MA McMaster, MISt Toronto University Librarian Kymberly Ash, BA Alberta, MLIS Alberta Teaching and Learning Librarian Andrew Colgoni, BSc Toronto MSc Guelph, MLIS Western Ontario Associate University Librarian, Student Success Justine Cotton, BA Bishop's, MA Wilfrid Laurier, MLIS Western Ontario Teaching and Learning Librarian Mandy Deans Kassies, BA Toronto, MLS Western Ontario Collections Librarian John Dingle, BA McGill, MA McGill, MLIS, UBC Metadata Librarian Ian Gordon, BSc Guelph, MLS Western, MEd Brock Teaching and Learning Librarian Colleen MacKinnon,BA McMaster, MLIS Western Ontario User Experience/First Year Teaching and Learning Librarian Laurie Morrison, BA McMaster, MLIS Western Ontario Collections Librarian Cal Murgu, BA Windsor, MA McGill, MLIS Western Ontario Instructional Design Librarian Nicole Nolan, BSc, MLIS Western Ontario Associate University Librarian, Research Monica Rettig, BA McMaster, MA Western Ontario, MLIS Toronto Head, User Services and Engagement Tim Ribaric, BSc Western Ontario, MCSc Brock, MLIS Western Ontario Digital Scholarship Librarian David Sharron, BA Waterloo, BEd, MA Windsor Head, Archives and Special Collections Jennifer Thiessen, BA Waterloo, MLIS Western Ontario Head, Teaching and Learning Department Elizabeth Yates, BA McMaster, , MLIS Western Ontario Research and Scholarly Communications Librarian Jonathan Younker, BA, MLIS Western Ontario Head, Library Systems & Technology Alicia Zorzetto, BA American University, MA McMaster, MLIS Toronto Head, Collection Services  
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