2003-2004 Undergraduate Calendar

The University  
Brock University, founded in March 1964, offers excellent undergraduate, graduate, and interdisciplinary programs that include co-op and other experiential learning opportunities to a student population of over 12,000. The University is located in St. Catharines atop the Niagara Escarpment which has been recognized as an International Biosphere reserve by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The University serves the Niagara area as a cultural, academic and recreational centre. Brock was named for Major-General Sir Isaac Brock who lost his life at Queenston Heights in the War of 1812. His last words are said to be, "Surgite! Push on!" - which have become the University's motto.  
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I.  Academic Focus and Environment Go to top of document
It is the mission of Brock University:
1.  to provide a broadly-based liberal undergraduate education in the arts and sciences and in professional and interdisciplinary programs and to offer graduate studies in selected disciplines;
2.  to maintain excellence in teaching, scholarship and other creative activity as interconnected components of the University's responsibility;
3.  to permit carefully planned growth in student enrolments and academic programs provided that sufficient additional resources are available to the University for such growth and that any increase in the size of the University does not diminish those qualities that identify Brock's unique character.
  These include:
- emphasizing classes and small-group learning in seminars, laboratories and studios to facilitate intellectual excitement, improved learning and academic interaction among students and between students, faculty and staff;
- an open and accessible administration;
- a unity of purpose among faculty and staff;
- an atmosphere in which all members of the Brock community are treated with respect and valued as individuals;
4.  to provide, through the conduct of the faculty, students and staff, and through its policies and administration, an atmosphere free from sexism, racism and all other forms of stereotyping, harassment and discrimination;
5.  to provide academic programs and a learning environment of the highest quality to attract academically qualified and gifted students;
6.  to enhance existing programs while developing additional innovative and relevant programs, at both the undergraduate and graduate level for full-time and part-time students;
7.  to develop the library, computing and other resources to support research, creative ability and learning;
8.  to develop a campus with the academic space, facilities and amenities, both indoor and outdoor, conducive to effective learning and scholarship.
II.  Students Go to top of document
It is the mission of Brock University:
1.  to prepare students for advanced study, career success, community responsibility and a richer life by developing a passion for life-long learning and the abilities to think creatively and critically, to communicate clearly, to maintain high ethicalstandards, to exercise sound judgment and to address societal and environmental issues;
2.  to foster an environment for students which encourages not only intellectual growth but also physical, social and spiritual well-being through a diversity of extracurricular activities and experiences designed to enrich their lives, develop their talents and provide opportunities to discover and pursue new interests;
3.  to facilitate accessibility for lower-income students, mature students, part-time students, students from visible minority group, Canadian Native Peoples, international students, students with unrealized potential and students with disabilities;
4.  to foster a continuing commitment to the University among graduates.
III.  University Personnel Go to top of document
It is the mission of Brock University:
1.  to support, encourage and nurture faculty and staff in their pursuit of personal growth and professional development, recognizing that male and female career patterns may differ;
2.  to encourage wide-spread participation of faculty and staff in policy formation;
3.  to implement fair and progressive employment policies for all University personnel;
4.  to achieve equality in the representation of women and men in both academic and non-academic positions;
5.  to increase the number of people from visible minority groups, Aboriginal Peoples and those with disabilities, in both academic and non-academic positions;
6.  to encourage and recognize the achievements and contributions of staff members to the service of students and the aims of the University;
7.  to encourage and support faculty members in their pursuit of excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching and in research and other creative activity.
IV.  The Community Go to top of document
It is the mission of Brock University:
1.  to serve as a learning, cultural, artistic and recreational centre and co-operatively address regional issues.
2.  to welcome and support international students and faculty and to encourage exchange programs and collaboration with universities in other countries in order to promote international understanding and co-operation;
3.  to serve the Niagara, Canadian and international communities by providing leadership and consultation on societal issues and concerns.
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