Play built in four hours in New Orleans

Using the playbuilding research process, Brock Dramatic Arts Chair Joe Norris (left) and graduate student Kevin Hobbs (not pictured) co-directed delegates at the Curriculum and Pedagogy conference in New Orleans, Oct. 17 and 18. Also pictured, from left, are Rich Edmonson, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley; Sharon Gile, Claflin University; Rick Breault, Ashland University; and Janis McTeer, Kent State University. After three hours of devising sessions and a one-hour rehearsal, they performed their series of nine vignettes, The Shape of School, at the closing conference event. The emergent themes included territoriality of classroom spaces, the pervasiveness of heteronormativity in the school yard, forms of administrative control of students and teachers, perceived status of particular schools and competing educational philosophies. It was concluded that these and other issues are strong undercurrents that contribute to the ethos of school experiences. Audience members participated in workshopping the scenes through body sculpting and discussions. Other participating playwrights included Karen Morris, RJ Reynold High School, North Carolina; Sam Tanner, Penn State University; and Miryam Espinosa-Dulanto and Zulema Williams, both from University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley.