Colourful cover art differentiates donated books

A collection of mystery novels donated last year to the Brock University Library creates a colourful catalogue of cover art. When David Sharron, Head of Archives and Special Collections, began work on the collection of books written by Canadian mystery writer Howard Engel, he noticed how different the cover art for each book was depending on the publisher and the country the book was printed in. He said it seemed each printing tried to differentiate itself from the previous ones. Engel grew up in St. Catharines and used the Niagara region and St. Catharines (named the city of Grantham in his books) as the setting for several of his mysteries. The donation comes from Engel’s estate and includes working proofs, the first printed books of new novels from the publisher, many works in foreign languages, and a number of books signed by Engel and dedicated to members of his family. Engel wrote more than 20 books. Visit the Archives and Special Collections website to browse the Library’s digital exhibits and featured collections.