Foundations in Leadership returns with in-person sessions

Brock University students and staff will again have the opportunity to build their leadership skills with the in-person return of a longstanding program.

The Foundations in Leadership Professional Development Series has been offered by Brock’s Student Life and Success team for more than 20 years and guides students and staff through self-awareness exercises.

As participants progress through each of the program’s four levels, they will receive certification and build their leadership skills in a variety of areas.

The series explores familiar themes, such as listening and group work skills, but in new ways, said Travis Greene (BA ’19), Brock’s Co-ordinator of Leadership Development.

“The program offers a unique take on leadership in regards to students and staff operating in the modern world,” he said. “It helps them see leadership as more than just a position, but as a process engaging with the people and communities around them.”

Each of the program’s levels requires 10 hours of in-class time, as well as about 60 minutes of online or at-home preparation.

Having spent the last year modernizing the program’s content, Greene said he knows first-hand the benefit it can provide to students and staff as they progress their careers.

“Being able to complete the program as a student and now guiding folks through a similar experience is a dream come true,” he said. “I was able to use elements of the program in interviews and roles right out of university, which has also helped me tailor it for a newer audience of people re-engaging with the world under the new social considerations of the pandemic.”

The series’ first level, Foundations in Interpersonal Communications, will start on Wednesday, May 18.

Interested participants can learn more and register on ExperienceBU.

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