Webinar to highlight how home conflicts can impact organizational change

The Goodman School of Business Luncheon Lecture Series resumes this week with a look at how employees’ home life conflicts may affect their propensity to change the organizational status quo on a voluntary basis.

Dirk De Clercq, Brock Professor of Management, will discuss ‘Family-to-work conflict and change-oriented citizenship behaviour,’ based on a paper he published in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science.

The study investigates how employees’ experience of family-to-work conflict might turn them away from voluntary behaviours that alter and improve the organizational status quo, as well as how this negative link might be buffered by pertinent relational and organizational resources, such as employees’ informal and trust-based relationships with peers and their perceptions of fair organizational treatment.

The findings pinpoint different ways organizational professionals can reduce the risk of diminished change-oriented voluntarism, as might arise due to the spillover of family-related strain into the workplace.

The webinar presentation will take place Friday, Jan. 15 from 12:30 to 2 p.m. via Lifesize.

The Goodman School of Business Luncheon Speaker Series provides Goodman faculty, staff and students with an informal opportunity to listen to and discuss recent advances in research, teaching and practices with international business colleagues.

Anyone is welcome to attend by clicking on the Lifesize webinar link at the date and time of the scheduled lecture presentation.

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