COVID-19 signs installed on campus to help keep Brock community safe

The COVID-19 safety signs that have become the norm in grocery stores and public areas will now be posted around campus to help keep the Brock University community safe. 

Floor and wall signs will be distributed throughout Brock to encourage physical distancing, hand washing, hand sanitizing, face covering reminders and encouraging the use of reusable water bottle filling stations, as water fountains will be disabled.

“As we begin to return to campus, the signs will assist in reminding students, faculty and staff to maintain physical distancing and wear face coverings necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19,” said Bryan Cober, Manager, Structural Services, Facilities Management. “We have installed approximately 200 signs to date in public areas and recently occupied research spaces. We are continuing on a plan across campus and will work with various departments in the layout and installation of signage in their areas.” 

For employees who are working on campus and wish to request the COVID-19 signs or protective shields with hinged panels in their respective areas, there is an online form now available on the Facilities Management website.  

Employees designated by their Department to co-ordinate this aspect of the return to campus should fill out the form with their request(s). Cober will be working with Printing Services to complete the printing and installation processes. 

Any questions can be directed to Cober at 

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