A student-focused plan for Fall Term: Both online and on-campus delivery

As Ontario and Canada slowly begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, Brock University is working on plans for a Fall Term that balance student health and well-being with their pursuit of academic success. We are planning for a term that is primarily delivered online, supported by some limited in-person, on-campus opportunities for students.

Brock is focused on students and their families. Its plans are based on giving students choices for Fall that support their academic success, while also protecting their health and well-being.

The pandemic has impacted all of us and we have taken steps to support all of our students throughout the transition period and leading up to Fall Term.

If you are just finishing high school, you have experienced a period of transition. However, it is important to maintain your academic goals and desire to attend university this fall.

If you are a returning Brock undergraduate student, you finished the Winter Term online and on short notice, with the support from your University for a smooth transition.

If you are a student from outside Canada, you faced uncertainty around housing and travel. Brock took steps to ensure you had access to housing and on-campus services.

If you are a Brock graduate student, you experienced limits in access to labs and new ways of connecting with supervisors. Brock put in place supports to help your ongoing educational and research activities.

You are concerned about what’s next and Brock shares those concerns.

Several weeks ago, we committed to holding a Fall Term that will begin in September, as usual. Since then, we have been working hard to build a student-centred plan for Fall that allows you to continue to access Brock’s high-quality teaching that is also respectful of your health and well-being and provides supports and assistance to help you adapt and succeed in an ever-changing world.

Our plans are evolving as we get more information from public health officials and through your suggestions. You can be assured we are working with you and are on your side as you navigate this unprecedented time.

During this extraordinary period, we have seen that education and research led by universities such as Brock, are vital to how we address challenges facing humanity and realize opportunities for the future. We recognize your educational and academic goals are key to your future and we are here to support you.

Overview of the Fall Term — Online and in-person classes 

  • Brock is planning for a Fall Term delivered primarily online, with opportunities for on-campus and in-class experiences wherever possible. In doing so, we will follow all guidelines set by public health authorities. As we set the Fall schedule, protecting your safety and well-being will be our prime concern.
  • We do not anticipate that large gatherings will be allowed by the fall. As a result, large courses and other gatherings involving large numbers of people will be conducted online.
  • We are exploring the possibility of offering some smaller courses on campus, with physical distancing measures in place. However, we are mindful of avoiding further disruption to students should the pandemic once again require universities to move fully online during the Fall Term.
  • Instead, the priority for activities to be offered in-person will be those a) for which a suitable online substitute does not exist; and b) that are deemed essential for students to progress in their studies.
  • Whether courses are offered online or in-person, Brock is committed to maintaining the high academic standards and unparalleled student experience you have come to expect from us.

There are still many details to work out, and the path forward will become clearer as the province begins to ease the restrictions in the coming weeks. We expect to be able to provide further information about what the Fall Term will look like, including what kinds of activities will take place in person, by the end of May.

While public health guidelines will determine many aspects of our response to the challenges that face us, there are still many important conversations to have and decisions to make. We promise to update you with further details in our next communique, on or before Thursday, May 28.

Universities are built to allow students to work together, gather in communities and interact with faculty members and staff. The current situation means we will all learn to do this in different ways, with new approaches. At Brock, we refuse to let the pandemic interrupt your progress. We will be by your side along the way to provide you with health supports, academic assistance and encouragement to continue on.

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