CHRISTIAN: Is Canada doing enough to safeguard its citizens?

Cornelius Christian, Assistant Professor of Economics in Brock’s Faculty of Social Sciences, had a piece recently published in the Niagara Independent about steps that he believes could be taken to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Christian writes:

“As of this writing, the novel Coronavirus (nCov) has infected thousands of people, and killed over 170, mostly within mainland China. There are currently three cases in Canada — each of which passed through our airports without proper medical screening. NCov, which started infecting people in December of 2019, is clearly a fast-spreading and enigmatic virus.

A former U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director has gone on record saying, ‘We don’t know how infectious [nCov] is, we don’t know how severe it is, and we don’t know how it’s spreading.’

Indeed, we know hardly anything about this new virus, and yet public officials keep telling us to remain calm, and that the risk to the public is low. Even a child knows that we cannot calculate the risk of an unknown phenomenon. These naive public servants may as well compute the trajectory of an angel or fairy, as it orbits their empty heads.”

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