MINDZAK: What striking education workers and climate activists have in common

Michael Mindzak, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education at Brock, wrote a piece recently published in The Conversation about what striking education workers and climate activists have in common.

He writes:

“Tensions and labour unrest continues in Ontario between the current government and workers in schools. After a labour negotiation impassein early October, some parents were recently left wondering whether kids’ schools were set to close because of strikes.

On Oct. 6, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), representing workers such as school custodians and educational assistants, announced a new collective agreement, but labour action by teachers also remains a looming possibility.

Education workers across the province have denounced education cuts that mean inadequate funding to cover basic student needs and school services, and leave teachers with excessive workloads.

Simultaneously, this fall, striking students and youth hit the streets. Thousands of protestors, some of whom ditched classes, marched on Queen’s Park in Toronto in solidarity with climate activists globally. As a follow-up, climate activists blocked a road intersection in Toronto and such actions have continued across the country and the globe.”

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