Brock anticipates student participation on Climate Change Day

Brock University President Gervan Fearon said today that, as Climate Change Day is observed across Canada and around the world on Friday, Sept. 27, Brock faculty members and lecturers are asked to use their best judgement and prudence in considering and respecting that some students in their class may choose to actively participate in climate strike activities on that day.

Fearon said that researchers and scholars in many countries have stated that climate change represents a fundamental challenge to our planet, to many species and indeed humanity.

“The impact of climate change is compounding more quickly than many scientists had originally thought,” he said. “This is borne out by increases in extreme weather events, rising sea levels, expanding desertification, declining sources of fresh water and alarming declines in animal and birdlife populations.

“In recognition of these challenges and of our obligations to future generations, we as individuals can each show leadership through our own choices and our actions.  It is also incumbent upon us all to implore business, social, academic and political figures at all levels to demonstrate leadership, and take bold steps to save our planet.”

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