PODCAST: LIVE competition winner on Conversations with Goodman

Conversations with Goodman host Susan LeBlanc talks to BBA student Arusa Mithani who is currently the President of the Goodman Student Ambassador Association (SAA).

Goodman SAA is a student organization that helps tell the Goodman story to local high school students and coordinated Goodman’s participation at LIVE, an interdisciplinary business competition hosted by the University of Toronto.

Mithani talks about her experience at LIVE and shares competition results for Goodman students.

One team, comprised of Goodman students Demi Xie, Pauline Xue, Vincent Lau, Justyn Ho and Lauryn Davidson, placed fifth overall.

A second team from Goodman placed seventh overall and included Cody Weber, Steven Simons, Colin Hardy, Patrick Buchinski-Johnson and Arusa Mithani.

A third team of Goodman students Alexa Pong, Vik Narula, Roohi Beg, Maxime Muria-Courchesne and Besma Naguib won a networking challenge at the competition and received a $500 sponsor prize.

Mithani also won the Campus Brand Manager of the Year award for her involvement in promoting the competition on campus this semester.

Mithani explains the important role that Goodman SAA holds on campus and talks about the A Day in the Life of a Goodman Student and A-Team events that are held on campus to help share the student experience with future students.

“High school students come back to us and tell us they remember meeting Goodman students at our events and that it’s helped them change their minds and come to Goodman so it’s definitely something that is very influential on their pathway in trying to figure out what they want in their university lives,” she said.

This podcast is the latest in the Conversations with Goodman series which is produced by the Goodman Marketing, Communications and Alumni Relations team and features guests from the Goodman community.

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