Brock residences go wireless

Ethernet cords are a thing of the past at Brock University as all student residence buildings are now equipped with wireless Internet.

Since 2014, Brock’s Information Technology Services department has been reconfiguring the residence buildings to be completely wireless, adapting to the changing landscape of connectivity.

“We’re focused on the key areas where students gather, such as in front of the tower and in between campus buildings, keeping up with technology changes and higher demand for a faster network,” said Edward Blasinski, Director, Project and Administrative Support Office.

Each year, ITS and the Department of Residence distribute a survey to students living in residence to determine what changes need to be made for the following year.

“Being constantly connected is a priority for the students and going wireless is what they need,” he said.

To accommodate the number of unique devices accessing the network, there are now 665 access points in residence, with a total of 1,325 across campus, ensuring a strong wireless connection as students walk in and out of buildings.

However, Blasinski noted that wired connections will always be available at Brock, as going completely wireless “poses security issues.”

“We’re constantly making improvements. Next year we’ll be outfitting the Alumni Turf Field and Jubilee Courtyard with wireless connectivity, but there will always be areas of campus that need wired connections,” he added.

For information and assistance with wireless connections, visit the ITS Help Desk in the Fish Bowl or Brock Campus Store, or visit

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