Student parking passes available online

The time to get your parking permits is now, students.

The time to get your parking permits is now, students.

Did you really enjoy your walk from your parking spot in Thorold to class last year?

If not, you’re in luck. Student parking permits are available for ordering online now, bettering your chances of getting prime parking in Zone 1 than if you wait until September to snag a spot for your car on campus. Parking in the lot closest to the Cairns Complex will help you get to class quicker and, better yet, you won’t have spend as long outside on those cheek-achingly cold winter days.

Still not enticed?

New for students this fall and winter is the non-residence Quarry View permit. There’s also a Lot S non-residence permit for parking near the Rosalind Blauer Child Care Centre. Neither allow for overnight parking and limited numbers are available.

Students with a car who live in residence must purchase a residence permit to allow for overnight parking.

Spare standing in line come September and visit Parking Services online today to reserve your permit.

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