Face Perception Lab looking for NBA fans for study of face recognition

young man face expressions composite isolated on white background

Brock University’s Face Perception Lab is looking for NBA fans to take part in a study examining face recognition.

Participants will be shown pictures of faces, and they will have to make judgments about them. Precise details can’t be released as not to influence the study.

Directed by Brock Professor Cathy Mondloch, the lab consists of undergraduate students, PhD students and postdocs conducting research designed to investigate various aspects of face perception.

For example, researchers want to know how the ability to recognize faces and emotional expressions develops across childhood, and how experience with faces affects development.

The study takes about 40 minutes, and participants will get $5 or a .5 research credit.

If you are interested, please contact faceperceptionl@brocku.ca, or call x4944 to book an appointment or to enquire about further details.

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