Brock first to reach leader status in Region’s sustainability strategy


Brock University is a leader in the eyes of Niagara Region.

The University is the first organization to achieve leader status within the Region’s Sustainable Niagara plan, a 50-year community plan that emphasizes sustainability in Regional government decision-making.

The leader level is the plan’s highest level of commitment to sustainability that can be achieved. The University got the nod for incorporating Sustainable Niagara goals within its own sustainability policy, which was adopted by the board of trustees last June.

Brock’s policy draws from not only the Region’s sustainability strategy, but also the Council of Ontario Universities pledge to foster sustainable environments at the province’s universities, and the main characteristics of UNESCO biosphere reserves, noted Brian Hutchings, Vice-President, Finance and Administration.

“Sustainability is one of our core values here at Brock,” Hutchings said. “Creating a sustainable campus involves the commitment and co-operation of various partners at the University, in our community and beyond.”

Sustainable Niagara was endorsed by Regional council last year. To support its implementation, the Region has encouraged individuals and organizations to partner in the plan.

The plan includes three levels of commitment: participating partner, priority action partner and leader.

Patrick Robson, the Region’s commissioner of integrated community planning, said the Region is excited by Brock’s achievement.

“Sustainable Niagara is a community plan. By taking the final step of introducing a Sustainability Policy, Brock is essentially bringing that plan to life and committing to a sustainable future for Niagara,” Robson said. “Our hope is that other partner organizations make that commitment to become a leader.”

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