Savour the flavour of Niagara

food and wineThe Niagara region is known for many things – magnificent Falls, history, golf courses and of course the vineyards and their grapes that produce award-winning wines. However, all things considered, a spectacular glass of wine can (and should) be paired with some of the amazing food Niagara has to offer too!

Agriculture is a booming industry in Niagara, and with it has blossomed a burgeoning movement towards farm-to-table – in food and wine.

According to Tiffany Mayer, food blogger at, not supporting the farm-to-table movement is denying Niagara’s identity; “farm-to-table is about being inspired by what’s available locally.” Restaurants across the region have increasingly adopted this mentality as a way to tell a story through food for their patrons.  The food becomes more meaningful to consumers when they feel a connection to it, and most of the time, it tastes better because it has been created at the height of its freshness.

Restaurants and food trucks in the area, like The Yellow Pear (farm-to-truck cuisine) boast that their menus give local businesses and farmers a place to showcase their products and celebrate good, hard, honest work.  Who wouldn’t be excited about eating something they have a personal connection to?  Mayer is proud to note that with the exception of salt, she can eat an entire meal that is full of Niagara produce.

When asked why the farm-to-table movement and Niagara wines are a natural fit, Mayer commented that things that grow together, go together. Brian Hamilton, winemaker at Southbrook Vineyard in Niagara on the Lake has noted how important the farm-to-table mentality is to wineries as well. At Southbrook in particular, all of their wines are organic and biodynamically certified and their grapes are estate grown or from other organic and local vineyards.

During this year’s Brock Homecoming, we will be highlighting amazing cuisine that Niagara has to offer when we partner Niagara wine with Niagara food; wineries with restaurants and caterers which practice the farm-to-table mentality at our Fine Food, Fine Wine event on Saturday Sept. 21.

fine food fine wineIf you would like to savour the flavour that Niagara has to offer, make sure you get your tickets to Fine Food, Fine Wine on Saturday, Sept. 21.  You’ll join fellow ‘localvores’ (people who prefer to consume locally grown and produced foods) for a unique taste experience that will indulge our taste buds and help us celebrate Niagara’s fine food and award winning wines.

To register for Fine Food, Fine Wine, visit the homecoming website at

Fine Food, Fine Wine Pairings

Syndicate Brewery & Restuarant &  Pillitteri Estate Winery

Treadwell & Flat Rock Cellars

The Yellow Pear foodtruck & Southbrook Vineyard

Wellington Court & Creekside Estate Winery

Sodexo Catering Services & Ravine Vineyard

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