Brock grads desire to inspire


Grapes of Wrath - Brock's Warriors of Justice

When members of the Brock community get together to support a cause, they know how to do it right.

Brock alumni, students and staff joined together to participate in Niagara’s Grapes of Wrath, a five-kilometre survival race held at 13th Street Winery on July 6th. “Brock’s Warriors of Justice” raised a total of $3,890 for the Canadian Cancer Society, and took home recognition for being the most spirited, encouraging and positive team in the entire event.

Team Captain Curtis Gadula (Manager, Off-Campus Living & Neighbourhood Relations) stated that he believes that the Grapes of Wrath was a perfect event for Brock.

“Brock is a key player in the community and it’s one of our duties to give back to our community and Region. It really is a privilege to be able to contribute to a cause that stays right here in Niagara.”

Asked about Brock’s success in fundraising and team spirit, Curtis said “It was great to be part of an event with such energy and positive impact – it really embodies what we want Brock to be and what Brock already is: a leader in the community”.

Congratulations to Curtis on his winning time in the race, and to the rest of the team for representing Brock in such a fantastic way. In addition to Curtis, team members included: David Sharron, Eric Walter (BKin ’10), Kayne Wignall (BPHEd ’92), Marie Reimer (BA ’94), Lynne Prout (BA ’91), Kacey Clarke (BPHed ’99), Lindsay Hayhurst, Mike Armstrong (BComm, ’10), Larry Savage (BA ’00; MA ’01), Kevin Cavanagh, Shawn Eckford (BSM, ’12), Ethna Bernat (BA ’97), Denise Smith (BA ’11), Sandy Howe, Dan Graziano, Tracey Morin, Marla Portfilio (BA ’02), Lisa Lynds, Janet Sharron, Herman Yu and students Doug MacDonald, Karen Dancy and Mike Mackett.

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