Hip study leads to prestigious award for Health Sciences professor

Prof. John Hay

Prof. John Hay

A Community Health Sciences professor is being recognized for his work as a co-investigator on a study about the effects of children’s activity on hip development.

John Hay will receive the Otto Aufranc Award from the Hip Society on March 23 in Chicago with lead investigator Dr. Paul Beaulé and others involved in the project called “MRI Evaluation for Cam Morphology in the Developing Hip.”

The study used Hay’s habitual activity estimation scale (HAES) to measure the intensity and duration of activity levels in young children.

The study found that young children who are very active before their femur fully matures are significantly more likely to develop femoral acetabular impingement syndrome (FAIS). FAIS is the result of small malformations in the geometry of the developing hip and is a predictive measure for premature and significant hip issues.

“This project resulted in a significant clinical finding,” Hay said. “Further research is planned to determine the type, duration, and intensity of activity that might lead to maladaptive development of the hip in children.”

The study’s findings will also be published in the journal Clinical Orthopaedic and Related Research.

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