Brock grads asked to share their work stories online

With Fall semester almost over, reality is starting to set in for many students who need to be thinking about their careers sooner rather than later. For some students, they’re confident with their transition, while others still may be questioning how to translate their degrees into a great career. What students often don’t realize, is that career paths are rarely linear — in fact, most professionals will completely change careers between six and eight times during their working lives.

If you could have two to five minutes to share your path with a student, what would you say? How would you describe your education, the work that you currently do, and how you got there?

Developed by two university researchers, is a way to collect stories about career paths and interesting fields to share with students/professionals looking for inspiration. As the site explains, “the right [story] at the right time might be all that is needed to set you on a path to work that you love.”

With just over 20 videos, the site is still in its infancy, but at Brock we see a unique opportunity to connect our alumni from far and wide with students and new professionals looking for some guidance. Each video can be tagged by occupation category, but can also include additional tags (of which one could be Brock University). Our vision: promote to Brock students, and enable them to hear alumni stories of success.

How you can participate

  1. Record yourself sharing your story and upload it to YouTube. The video can be anywhere from two to five minutes, and there are suggested topics to which you can refer.
  2. Complete the Workstory Submission Page and include a link to your Youtube video. Make sure to tag your video submission, and include “Brock University” as one of the additional tags.
  3. Let us know! We’re always interested to hear about alumni career paths, interesting jobs, and the industries in which our alumni work.

For more information about creating your own work story, visit the website at or contact Meaghan Moore at

Work Story

Sample of a Work Story video submitted by Brock alumnus, James Stockford (BBA '04)

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