from American Sociology: The Story of Sociology in the United States through 1950

Howard W. Odum

This table reproduces information from Odum's history of sociology in the United States. Richard Lee Smith used this list in his survey of references to Mead in textbooks and monographs used in his dissertation and in American Sociology and Pragmatism (Lewis and Smith 1980).  The term "Identification" refers to the institution with which the authors were located at the time of publication.

Year Title Author Identification
1920 Field Work and Social Research F. S. Chapin Minnesota
1924 Scientific Study of Human Society F. H. Giddings Columbia
1925 The History and Prospects of the Social Sciences H. E. Barnes Smith
1924 Principles and Methods of Statistics R. E. Chaddock Columbia
1926 The New Social Research E. S. Bogardus Southern California
1927 Technique of Social Surveys (1st edition, 1917) M. C. Elmer Pittsburgh
1927 The Social Sciences and Their Interrelations W. F. Ogburn, A. A.
Goldenweiser (eds.)
1928 Research in the Humanistic and Social Sciences F. A. Ogg (ed.) Wisconsin
1929 Social Research G. A. Lundberg Washington
1929 An Introduction to Social Research H. W. Odum, Katharine Jocher North Carolina
1929 Research in the Social Sciences Wilson Gee Virginia
1930 Methods and Status of Scientific Research W. E. Spahr, R. J. Swenson New York University
1931 Methods in Social Science (A Case Book) S. A. Rice Pennsylvania
1933 Methods in Sociology C. A. Ellwood Duke
1934 The Technique of Social In Luther Fry Rochester
1934 The Fields and Methods of Sociology L. L. Bernard (ed.) Washington University
1934 Social Science Research Organization Wilson Gee Virginia
1934 The Method of Sociology Florian Znaniecki Illinois
1935 Criteria for the Life History John Dollard Yale
1936 Introduction to Social Research E. S. Bogardus California
1938 The Rules of Sociological Method Emile Durkheim Paris
1939 Social Research M. C. Elmer Pittsburgh
1939 Foundations of Sociology G. A. Lundberg Washington
1939 Scientific Social Surveys and Research P. V. Young Southern California
1941 Statistics for Sociologists M. J. Hagood North Carolina
1941 Elementary Social Statistics T. C. McCormick Wisconsin
1942 Social Research G. A. Lundberg Washington
1947 Experimental Designs in Sociological Research F. S. Chapin Wisconsin
1948 The Recruitment, Selection, and Training of Social Scientists Elbridge Sibley Social Science Research Council, New York
1950 Social Science Research Methods Wilson Gee Virginia


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