"Introductory Texts and 'Principles'"
from American Sociology: The Story of Sociology in the United States through 1950

Howard W. Odum

This table reproduces information from Odum's history of sociology in the United States. Richard Lee Smith used this list in his survey of references to Mead in textbooks and monographs used in his dissertation and in American Sociology and Pragmatism (Lewis and Smith 1980).  The term "Identification" refers to the institution with which the authors were located at the time of publication.

Year Title Author Identification
1883 Dynamic Sociology Ward Brown
1894 Introduction to Society Small Chicago
1896 Principles of Sociology Giddings Columbia
1898 Outlines of Sociology Ward Brown
1898 Introduction to Sociology Stuckenberg At large
1898 Elements of Sociology Giddings Columbia
1898 Elements of Sociology Henderson Chicago
1899 Principles of Sociology Giddings Columbia
1901 Inductive Sociology Giddings Columbia
1901 Introduction to Sociology Fairbanks At large
1902 Outline of Practical Sociology Wright Clark
1903 Pure Sociology Ward Brown
1903 Sociology Stuckenberg At large
1905 Textbook in Sociology Ward Brown
1905 General Sociology Small Chicago
1905 Elements of Sociology Blackmar Kansas
1905 Foundations of Sociology Ross Wisconsin
1905 Textbook of Sociology Dealey-Ward Brown
1906 Applied Sociology Ward Brown
1909 Sociology Dealey Brown
1910 Sociology—Social Problems Ellwood Missouri
1914 Inductive Sociology Giddings Columbia
1915 Outlines of Sociology Blackmar-Gillin Kansas-Wisconsin
1915 Introduction to Sociology Hayes Illinois
1916 Outline of Applied Sociology Fairchild New York University
1916 Fundamentals of Sociology Kirkpatrick Wisconsin
1917 Introduction to Sociology Bogardus Southern California
1918 Sociology Hayes Illinois
1919 Elements of Sociology Giddings Columbia
1919 Outline of Applied Sociology Fairchild Yale
1920 Principles of Sociology Giddings Columbia
1920 Principles of Sociology Ross Wisconsin
1920 Principles of Sociology Clow Wisconsin Normal
1920 Principles of Sociology Dow Baylor
1920 Introduction to Sociology Findlay Minnesota
1920 Sociology Dealey Brown
1921 Introduction to the Science of Sociology Park-Burgess Chicago
1923 Principles of Sociology Bushee Colorado
1923 Human Relations Carver Harvard
1923 Elementary Sociology Finney Minnesota
1923 Outlines of Sociology Ross Wisconsin
1924 Scientific Study of Human Society Giddings Columbia
1924 Elements of Social Science Fairchild New York University
1924 Outlines of Sociology Case Southern California
1925 Sociology—Social Problems Beach Stanford
1926 Human Relations Taylor-Brown North Carolina State
1927 Foundations of Social Life Fairchild New York University
1927 Science of Social Relations Hart Duke
1927 Science of Society Sumner-Keller Yale
1927 Introduction to Sociology Wallis Minnesota
1927 An Introduction to Sociology Barnes-Davis Smith-Yale
1928 Principles of Sociology Binder New York University
1928 Principles of Sociology Lumley Ohio State
1928 Introduction to the Study of Sociology Hankins Smith
1929 Introduction to Sociology Dawson-Gettys McGill-Texas
1929 Introduction to Sociology Hankins Smith
1930 Man and Society Haas Wisconsin
1930 Principles of Sociology Ross Wisconsin
1931 Introduction to Sociology Groves North Carolina
1931 Society Maclver Columbia
1932 Civilization and Society Giddings Columbia
1932 Concepts of Sociology Eubank Cincinnati
1932 Principles of Sociology Reinhardt- Davies Nebraska-Washington State
1932 A Survey of Society E. J. Ross Trinity College
1933 Outlines of Sociology Ross Wisconsin
1933 Introductory Sociology Cooley and others Michigan
1933 Principles of Sociology Hiller Illinois
1933 Educational Sociology Snedden Teachers College
1933 Introduction to Sociology Reuter-Hart Iowa State-National Opinion Research Center, Chicago
1934 Rudiments of Sociology E. J. Ross Trinity College
1934 General Sociology Fairchild New York University
1934 Sociology Bogardus Southern California
1934 Introductory Sociology Young Northwestern
1934 Introduction to Educational Sociology Finney-Zeleny Minnesota
1935 Dynamic Society Elliott andothers Penn State College for Women
1935 Introductory Sociology Murray Notre Dame
1935 Introduction to Sociology Dawson-Gettys McGill-Texas
1936 Introductory Sociology Kulp Teachers College
1936 Principles of Sociology Phelps Pittsburgh
1937 Introductory Sociology Sutherland and Woodward Texas
1937 Practical Sociology Zeleny State Teachers,
1937 Introduction to Sociology and Social Problems Beach St. Cloud, Minn. Stanford
1938 Fundamentals of Sociology Boettiger Lawrence
1939 Outline of Principles of Sociology Park, Reuter and others Chicago
1939 General Sociology Wright-Elmer Pittsburgh
1939 Fundamental Sociology E. J. Ross Trinity
1939 Introductory Sociology Gregory-Bidgood Alabama
1939 Foundations of Sociology Lundberg Washington
1940 Introduction to Sociology Groves-Moore North Carolina-Texas
1940 Sociology Ogburn-Nimkoff Chicago-Bucknell
1941 Handbook of Sociology Reuter Iowa State
1942 Introduction to Sociology Bernard Washington University
1942 Introduction to Sociology Gillin-Gillin Wisconsin-North Carolina
1946 Sociology La Piere Stanford
1947 Sociology: A Synopsis of Principles Cuber Ohio State
1947 Understanding Society Odum North Carolina
1948 Cultural Sociology Gillin-Gillin Wisconsin-North Carolina
1948 Social Life: Structure and Function Bennett-Tumin Ohio State-Princeton
1949 Human Society K. Davis Columbia
1949 Basic Sociological Principles M. E. Jones Wyoming
1949 Man in Environment Paul H. Landis Washington State
1949 Society Maclver-Page Columbia-Smith
1950 Sociology T.C.McCormick Wisconsin
1950 Fundamentals of Sociology Seba Eldridgeand others Kansas
1951 Elements of Sociology Martindale-Monachesi Minnesota
1951 Sociology Roucek-Warren Bridgeport- Alfred


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