"History of Theory"
from American Sociology: The Story of Sociology in the United States through 1950

Howard W. Odum

This table reproduces information from Odum's history of sociology in the United States. Richard Lee Smith used this list in his survey of references to Mead in textbooks and monographs used in his dissertation and in American Sociology and Pragmatism (Lewis and Smith 1980).  The term "Identification" refers to the institution with which the authors were located at the time of publication.

Year Title Author Identification
1915 Social Adaptation L. M. Bristol Florida
1922 History of Social Thought E. S. Bogardus SouthernCalifornia
1923 Development of Social Theory J. P. Lichtenberger Pennsylvania
1924 Sociology and Political Theory H. E. Barnes Smith
1927 American Masters of Social Science H. W. Odum (ed.) North Carolina
1928 Contemporary Sociological Theories P. A. Sorokin Minnesota, Harvard
1929 Trends in American Sociology G. A. Lundberg, Read Bain, Nels Anderson Washington, Miami, Chicago
1929 Range of Social Theory F. N. House Virginia
1936 Development of Sociology F. N. House Virginia
1938 Social Thought from Lore to Science H. E. Barnes, Howard Becker At large, Wisconsin
1938 History of Social Philosophy C. A. Ellwood Duke
1940 Contemporary Social Theory H. E. Barnes, H. Becker, F. B. Becker At large, Wisconsin
1943 Origins of American Sociology L. L. Bernard, Jessie Bernard Washington, Pennsylvania State
1945 Twentieth Century Sociology Georges Gurvitch, Wilbert Moore Paris, Princeton
1948 Introduction to History of Sociology H. E. Barnes At large
1948 Historical Sociology H. E. Barnes At large
1949 Essays in Sociological Theory Talcott Parsons Harvard
1949 Social Theory and Social Structure R. K. Merton Columbia
1950 Catholic Social Thought Melvin J. Wilhams Florida State


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