Space, Time and Deity

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Samuel Alexander

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Volume I

Preface to 1927 Impression

Preface to the First Edition


Book I: Space-Time

1: Physical Space-Time

2: Perspectives and Sections of Physical Space-Time

3. Mental Space and Time

4. Mental Space-Time

5. Mathematical Space-Time

6. Relations in Space and Time

Book 2: The Categories

1. Nature of the Categories

2. Intensity, Diversity and Existence

3. Universal, Particular, and Individual

4. Relation

5. Order

6. Substance, Causality, Reciprocity

7. Quantity and Intensity

8. Whole and Parts; and Number

9. Motion; and the Categories in General

10. The One and the Many

Volume 2

Book 3: The Order and Problems of Empirical Existence

1. The Clue to Quality

2. The Order of Empirical Qualities

3. The Empirical Problems

4. Mind and Knowing

5. Mind and Its Acts

6. The Ways of Apprehending Categories and Qualities

7. Appearances

8. Illusion and Ideas

9. Value

10. Freedom

Book 4: Deity

1. Deity and God

2. Deity and The Religious Sentiment

3. Deity and Value


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