Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I feel that someone has broken the Student Code of Conduct what do I do?
Call Campus security so they can deal with the situation. Campus security can be contacted at extension 4300 during business hours or extension 3200 for after hours.

What happens if I don't do my sanctions?
Deadlines that are not met will be subjected to an additional fine of $50 for each sanction missed. Any Community service that is not performed will be billed back to the student at a rate of $18.00 per hour. If a student fails to contact the Manager, Student Affairs to rectify missed sanctions in a timely fashion, academic records will be sealed and students will not be able to graduate, register, add/drop courses or get transcripts.

If I am found responsible for an infraction of the Code does this go on my transcripts?
Only if you are suspended or expelled from the university is there a record on your transcripts about your discipline hearing.

I have a fine given to me from the Niagara Regional Police and from the Non-Academic Discipline Panel do I have to pay both?
Yes. Brock has a Code of Conduct that all students must adhere to and this operates separately from other judicial systems.

Who can come with me to my hearing?
You are allowed one support person. This person can be a friend or family member. This person is to act solely as a support person and not as an active participant in the hearing, thus they will not address the panel nor will the panel address them. You can not bring a lawyer to your hearing. You may, however bring a lawyer to your appeal of a suspension, expulsion or exclusion from any University facilities.

Will my parents find out about this case?
Your file is confidential and is destroyed four (4) years after you graduate. Our office will not talk about your case with anyone other than yourself. If you wish your parents or another person to know about the case you may sign a release of information.

What if I miss my community service or Drinking Choices appointments?
If you know that you are going to miss the appointments please call the supervisor that you were assigned to. There must be a justifiable reason for missing the appointment. These appointments are made around your schedule thus there should be no reason to miss them. Illness and unforeseen events do occur, however they must not be reoccurring and you must take steps to reschedule your appointments or you will be fined at the aforementioned rate.

What does it mean to be on general probation?
General probation means that if during your period of probation you are found responsible for any further violations of the Student Code of Conduct, your sanctions will be increased.