2018-2019 Graduate Calendar

Application & Admissions  
For inquiries: We encourage prospective students to consult our website: brocku.ca/nextstep 905 688 5550 x4490 All prospective students are encouraged to apply and will be considered on the basis of evidence of probable success in their chosen program. Enrolment has been limited in order that our students may continue to benefit from the University's traditions of personal contact and individual attention. Applicants must be formally admitted to the University before they can register in degree credit courses. The regulations for admission specify minimum requirements only. Possession of the minimum requirements is not a guarantee of admission. The University reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate. Assessment of academic background and eligibility for admission to graduate programs is a joint responsibility. The graduate program which will make recommendations for acceptance of applicants to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The Dean of Graduate Studies is responsible to ensure the quality of the admission of students to the doctoral, master's and graduate diploma programs of the University on the recommendation of the Graduate Program Director and/or Faculty Dean. The admission is based on an assessment of the student's qualifications for the proposed program of study and entails specific credit, residence, course, thesis, and examination requirements, which vary from program to program.  
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To be admitted to a PhD program, a student will normally hold either an appropriate Master's degree, or its equivalent, with a minimum overall Master's grade average of 80% (low-A) from an accredited university. Alternatively, students with a four year Bachelor's degree already registered in a Brock University Master's program, may be approved to transfer to Doctoral studies by no later than the end of term six of their Master's program. Such students should have attained an 80% average in their Master's courses and significant research progress as determined by their supervisory committee and graduate program. In exceptional circumstances, a student may be admitted directly to doctoral studies with a four year Bachelor's degree, or the equivalent; his or her academic standing and research potential must be demonstrably commensurate with readiness for doctoral study. NOTE - Admission is not guaranteed by the attainment of the minimum of either university or graduate program admission requirements. Admission is a competitive process. Check the specific admission requirements for the graduate program to which you wish to apply. See Graduate Program Admission Information found below and program entries within the Graduate Calendar: brocku.ca/nextstep/programs/  
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To be considered for admission to a Master's program, a student will normally hold a four year Bachelor's degree, or its equivalent, from an accredited university with a minimum 75% (mid-B) average over the last two years of full-time undergraduate study. Some graduate programs may have additional or higher admission requirements.  
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Brock has had, and will continue to have, a racially non-discriminatory policy and therefore does not discriminate against applicants and students on the basis of race, colour or national or ethnic origin. Such a non-discriminatory policy applies to staff and extends to non-discrimination on grounds of creed or sex. It is the policy of Brock University that all students must therefore submit a declaration on their application for admission and on their confirmation of registration attesting to their citizenship. Each student should be aware that documentation of citizenship may be required and that a penalty for a false statement is deregistration. In addition, any changes in status, e.g., from visa student to permanent resident or Canadian citizen, requires proof of the new status with appropriate document(s).  
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Application instructions are outlined at: brocku.ca/nextstep/apply/ The Faculty of Graduate Studies recommends that all applicants review the program literature of the graduate program they are interested in at brocku.ca/nextstep/programs/ and by contacting the Graduate Program Director, faculty members, or the Faculty of Graduate Studies for additional information. It is particularly important for those students applying to research graduate programs that they familiarize themselves with the research profiles/interests of the program faculty members and that they make initial contact with a potential graduate supervisor. For many graduate programs, agreement from a faculty member to supervise the student is required for admission to the program. All documents become the property of the University and will not be returned. All transcripts and reference letters submitted to Brock University in support of applications are verified for authenticity.  
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Application for admission should be made as early as possible. Potential students should refer to specific graduate program information at: brocku.ca/nextstep/programs/ to determine the application deadline for the program to which they wish to apply and additional application requirements. The review of applications by the program's admission committee will commence following the application deadline and will continue until the program is full for each entry point. The responsibility rests with the applicant to ensure that all documents are submitted by the deadline date as indicated on the graduate program page. Upon applying to the Faculty of Graduate Studies you will receive an email providing you with a Campus ID, allowing you to log in to the portal my.brocku.ca to check the status of your application and your documents.  
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Applications for admission from outside of Canada should be completed at least six months before the desired date of admission in order for students to make the necessary study permit arrangements. Degrees and grades from foreign institutions are evaluated for their equivalency to those at Brock University. Students entering Canada from other countries are required to comply with Canadian immigration requirements. Student Study Permits should be applied for through the appropriate Canadian Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate. Please check Immigration Canada website to find out the office in charge of your residential area (http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/informaton/offices/apply-where.asp ). An official letter of acceptance from Brock University must be presented when applying for Study Permit. Check the website of Immigration Canada in charge of your area and follow instructions on how to apply Study Permit to Canada.  
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Brock International Services is a wonderful resource for international students. Please refer to the International Services website at: https://brocku.ca/brock-international. International Services offers support and guidance throughout your studies and can assist you with many items along the way including immigration, health insurance and social activities.  
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Master's applicants who have not completed three or more years of post-secondary study and doctoral applicants who have not completed two or more years of post-secondary study at a Canadian institution or at an institution in one of the following exempt countries: brocku.ca/nextstep/international-students/english-language-proficiency/exempt-countries/, will be required to provide proof of English language proficiency through one of the accepted program/examinations found at: https://brocku.ca/nextstep/international-students/english-language-proficiency/.  
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The official offer of admission will be issued by the Dean of Graduate Studies or his/her designate. The not recommended notification is posted to the applicant's portal. Prior to registration, applicants must ensure that all documents owing including official transcripts (indicating completion and awarding of degree, and maintenance of Brock’s minimum admission average requirements) have been submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Offers of admission may be made with specific conditions attached. Pre-registration conditions (as outlined in the official offer of admission letter) must be met before registration in the graduate program is allowed. The University may nullify an offer of admission and revoke registration if it finds that an applicant has provided false, plagiarized or incomplete information.  
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Applicants may be admitted to a graduate program contingent upon the successful completion of specified additional academic requirements in addition to published degree requirements to be completed either prior to admission or as part of degree requirements.  
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The MBA program will automatically assess a student's transcripts for completed undergraduate credits that would be considered to be equivalent to those normally completed in the first year of the MBA. Subject to the student's performance in the undergraduate courses, up to a maximum of five credits (ten half-credit courses) may be granted as advanced standing credits. The MEd program will automatically assess a student's transcript and may approve advanced standing of a maximum of one credit (two half-credit courses) for the successful completion of courses from Part One and Part Two of the Principals Qualification Program for non-thesis Master of Education students.  
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Students admitted to a graduate program may be granted transfer credit, at the time of admission, to a maximum of one-third of graduate degree course requirements, for graduate courses completed at another university that are approved by the graduate program. (For the MBA the maximum number of transfer credits is 5.0.) Only graduate courses completed with a grade of B+ or higher, within the last five years, will be considered for transfer. Credit will not be granted for courses that have been credited toward another degree or diploma at Brock or another university. Candidates must submit official transcripts, course descriptions, and other supporting documentation before consideration will be given to granting transfer credit. Students admitted as transfer students must be in good standing with their previous institution and eligible to enroll at that institution at the time of admission to Brock.  
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A non-degree student is one who is not proceeding towards a Brock University degree. The non-degree students are identified as:
1.  Qualifying or Upgrading Graduate Students - those who are taking courses (undergraduate and/or graduate) to qualify for graduate study.
2.  Letter of Permission Graduate Students - those approved by their home universities to take graduate courses at Brock.
3.  Ontario Visiting Graduate Students - those approved by their home universities to take graduate courses at Brock.
4.  Professional development or personal interest - those approved by a graduate program to take graduate courses at Brock.
5.  Exchange students.
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Students who have previously been accepted to and registered in a graduate program at Brock University but voluntarily withdrew or were required to withdraw may apply for reinstatement to their graduate program by completing a Request for Reinstatement Form found at: graduate-studies/current-students/student-forms No graduate courses, ten or more years old, may count towards degree requirements. Graduate programs will determine if courses taken within the ten-year period are eligible to count toward degree requirements. The Request for Reinstatement form will be forwarded to the graduate program for consideration and the student will be informed of the program's decision.  
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