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Essential oils for focus and productivity
Virtual Lunch and Learn

Aromatic links are an effective way to help keep your mind laser focused. They’re also a great way to help separate work from home when you work from home.

In this Lunch and Learn lecture you will learn:
- Which essential oils help with focus
- How to use them to help separate categories of activities (work, home, etc)
- Safety guidelines

A free diffuser blend sample or roller bottle blend is available to anyone who registers for the workshop. Attend the session to find out more!

Optional! If you want to follow along and have your own oils at home, here are a few we will be discussing (subject to change):
- Frankincense, Copaiba
- Peppermint, Spearmint
- Wild Orange, Lemon, Lime
- Rosemary, Basil
- dōTERRA Adaptiv blend
- dōTERRA Motivate blend
- dōTERRA Thinker blend

Dr. Karin Di Bella (DMA) is Chair of the Department of Music at Brock University. In a regular year she can be seen and heard in performances in the Niagara Region and beyond, and she is a senior piano examiner with the Royal Conservatory of Music. Essential oils for musicians is a new area of promising research in her varied career.

Who Should Attend: Faculty and Staff

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, Virtual Lunch and Learn

Facilitator: Cara Kirkham
Health Management Consultant, A wellness initiative offered in coordination with Health Management & Wellness

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