Social Attitudes

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Kimball Young

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Introductory Note by Kimball Young

The Concept of Social Attitudes by Ellsworth Faris

Human Nature, Attitudes, and the Mores by Robert Ezra Park.

Attitudes and the Redirection of Behavior by Luther Lee Bernard.

Balance and Imbalance in Personality by Erle Fiske Young 

Language, Thought and Social Reality by Kimball Young

Cultural and Racial Differences as Bases of Human Symbiosis by R. D. McKenzie (not implemented)

Family Tradition and Personality by Ernest W. Burgess

Village Mores in Transition by J. F. Steiner

Conflict Situations Between Clients and Case Workers by Stuart A. Queen.

Social Attitudes of Superior Boys in an Interstitial Community by Frederic M. Thrasher.

Group Crises Produced by Voluntary Undertakings by Florian Znaniecki

Attitudes and the Mexican Immigrant by Emory S. Bogardus.

The Negro and the Immigrant by Herbert Adolphus Miller.

The Possibility of a Distinctive Culture Contribution from the American Negro by E.B. Reuter.

Mental Deficiency and Crime by E.H. Sutherland.


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