William Isaac Thomas

A. N. Marquis Co.

THOMAS, William Isaac, sociologist; b. Russell Co., Va., Aug.13, 1863; s. Thaddeus P. and Sarah (Price) T.; A. B., Univ. of Tenn., 1884, student Berlin and Göttingen, 1888-89;  Ph. D. U. of Chicago, 1896; m. Harriet Park of Knoxville, Tenn., June 6, 1888.. Instr. English and modern langs 1884-88, U. of Tenn.; prof. English, 1889-94; prof. sociology 1894-5, Oberlin.; instr. sociology, 1895-6, asst. prof., 1896-1900, asso. prof.1900-10, prof.1910-18, U. of Chicago; lecturer New School for Social Research since 1923-28; in charge Helen Culver Fund for Race Psychology 1908-18;. Mem. Am Sociological. Soc.(pres 1927), Am. Anthropological. Assn.  Clubs: Stockholm Golf.  Author: Sex and Society, 1907; Source Book for Social Origins, 1909; Standpoint and Questionnaire for Race Psychology 1912; Suggestions of Modern Science Concerning Education (Jennings, Meyer, Thomas, Watson, 1914), Polish Peasant in Europe and America (Thomas and Znaniecki 1918-21); The Unadjusted Girl, 1923; Child in America 1928.  Home : 333 East 41st St. New York, NY.


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