Ellen M. Martin Henrotin

A. N. Marquis Co.

Henrotin, Ellen M. Martin; b. Portland, Me., July 1847; d. Edward Byam and Sarah Ellen (Norris) Martin; ed. in Europe; m. Charles Henrotin, Sept. 2, 1869 (died 1914). Vice- pres. of the Congress Auxiliary of World’s Columbian Expn., 1893; pre. Gen. Fedn. Of Women’s Clubs, 1894-1898. Decorated by the Sultan of Turkey with order of Chefakat in 1893; and made an Officer of l’Académie, French Republic, 1899; decorated by Leopold II, Chevalier de l’Ordre de Leopold, 1904. Home: South Berlin, N. Y., Died June 29, 1922.


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