New York Times

Scientist Elected Head of the Corporation by Trustees

Dr. James Rowland Angell, internationally known as a scientist, for many years Dean of the University of Chicago, has been elected President and chief executive officer of the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Announcement of his election to this office, which has been vacant since the death of Andrew Carnegie, who filled it, was made yesterday by the Board of Trustees through Elihu Root, the Chairman.

Dr. Angell,  who is head of the National Research Council, will assume his duties on July 1. He is the son of the late James Burrill Angell, long President of the University of Michigan. He was born in Burlington, Vt., May 9, 1869.

The Carnegie Corporation was founded by the ironmaster in 1911 with an initial endowment of $125,000,000. He made the corporation his residuary legatee.


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