New York Times

He Wants $115,000 for Loss of Place at Columbia.

The complaint in the suit of Professor J. McKeen Cattell, formerly of the Department of Psychology at Columbia, against President Nicholas Murray Butler and George L. Ingraham, John B. Pine, Francis S. Bangs and Stephen Baker, members of the special committee of the Trustees who recommended Professor Cattell’s dismissal, because of alleged unpatriotic utterances, in 1917, was filed in the Supreme Court yesterday.

Professor Cattell asks $65,000 damages for the loss of his post, which paid "upward of $5,000 a year," and for the deprivation of probable employment as Professor of Psychology. He asks $50,000 more for the loss, on account of alleged injurious statements by the defendants, "of social and professional reputation and prestige, and the cessation of friendly relations with professional associates.


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