New York Times

Columbia Denies That Psychologist Has Been Asked to Resign.

An emphatic denial was made at Columbia University yesterday of a report that Dr. J. McKeen Cattell, Professor of Psychology, had been asked to resign. Attempts were made to communicate with Dr. Cattell at his office in Schermerhorn Hall and at his home at Garrison, but these were unsuccessful.

One of the university officers laughed at the idea that the championing of Dr. Jacques Loeb’s candidacy for the Century Association would affect Dr. Cattell’s status at Columbia University. It was officially stated that any matter dealing with the resignation of Dr. Cattell had not been brought before the Trustees, and that he would give the course next year in advanced psychology as usual.

Three years ago when Prof. Harry Thurston Peck was retired by the Trustees Prof. Cattell prepared a pamphlet showing that Columbia was losing ground in the matter of retaining its leaders in education. Subsequently he showed considerable interest in the retirement of Prof. J. E. Spingarn. Dr. Cattell was head of the Department of Psychology until a year ago, when he retired in favor of Prof. J. S. Woodworth.


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