An Introduction to Comparative Psychology

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C. Lloyd Morgan

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Chapter I  The Wave of Consciousness

Chapter II  The Physiological Conditions of Consciousness

Chapter III  Other Minds than Ours

Chapter IV  Suggestion and Association

Chapter V  Association of Ideas in Animals

Chapter VI  Memory

Chapter VII  Memory in Animals

Chapter VIII  The Analysis of Impressions

Chapter IX  Synthesis and Correlation

Chapter X  The Sense-Experience of Animals

Chapter XI  Automatism and Control

Chapter XII  Instinct and Intelligence

Chapter XIII  The Perception of Relations

Chapter XIV  Do Animals Perceive Relations?

Chapter XV  Conceptual Thought

Chapter XVI  Do Animals Reason?

Chapter XVII  Subject and Object

Chapter XVIII  The Evolution of Consciousness

Chapter XIX  Selective Synthesis in Evolution

Chapter XX  The Psychology of Man and the Higher Animals Compared


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