An Introduction to Social Psychology

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William McDougall

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Preface to the Fourteenth Edition

Preface to the Twentieth Edition

Preface to the Twenty-Second Edition

Preface to the Twenty-Third Edition

Chapter 1     Introduction

Section I: 
The Mental Characters of Man of Primary Importance for His Life in Society

Chapter 2    The Nature of Instincts and Their Place in the Constitution of the Human Mind

Chapter 3    The Principle Instincts and the Primary Emotions of Man

Chapter 4    Some General or Non-Specific Innate Tendencies

Chapter 5    The Nature of the Sentiments and the Constitution of Some of the Complex Emotions

Chapter 6    The Development of the Sentiments

Chapter 7    The Growth of Self-Consciousness and of the Self-Regarding Sentiment

Chapter 8    The Advance of the Higher Plan of Social Conduct

Chapter 9    Volition

Section II: 
The Operation of the Primary Tendencies of The Human Mind in the Life of Societies

Chapter 10  The Reproductive and The Parental Instincts

Chapter 11  The Instinct of Pugnacity

Chapter 12  The Gregarious Instinct

Chapter 13  The Instincts Through  Which Religious Conceptions Affect Social Life

Chapter 14  The Instincts of Acquisition and Construction

Chapter 15  Imitation, Play and Habit

Supplementary Chapters

Chapter 1    Theories of Action

Chapter 2    Derived Emotions

Chapter 3    The Instinct of Laughter and Some Minor Tendencies

Chapter 4    Instincts of Man, in the Light of Recent Discussions

Chapter 5    The Sex Instinct

Chapter 6    The Structure of Character

Chapter 7    The Hormic Psychology

Chapter 8    A Rectification, A Difficulty, and An Addition


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