The Psychology of Socialism

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Gustave Le Bon

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Book I : The Socialistic Theories and Their Disciples

  1. The Various Aspects of Socialism
  2. The Origins of Socialism and the Causes of its Present Development
  3. The Theories of Socialism
  4. The Disciples of Socialism and their Mental State

Book II : Socialism As A Belief

  1. The Foundations of our Beliefs
  2. Tradition as a Factor of Civilisation -- The Limits of Variability of the Ancestral Soul
  3. The Evolution of Socialism towards a Religious Form

Book III: Socialism as Affected by Race

  1. Socialism in Germany
  2. Socialism in England and America

  3. Latin Socialism and the Psychology of the Latin Peoples
  4. The Latin Concept of the State
  5. The Latin Concepts of Education and Religion
  6. The Formation of Socialism among the Latin Peoples
  7. The Present State of the Latin Peoples

Book IV: The Conflict Between Economic Necessities and the Aspiration of the Socialists

  1. The Industrial and Economic Evolution of the Present Age
  2. The Economic Struggles between the East and the West
  3. The Economic Struggles between the Western Peoples
  4. Economic Necessities and the Growth of Populations

Book V: The Conflict between the Laws of Evolution, the Democratic Ideal, and the Aspirations of the Socialists

  1. The Laws of Evolution, the Democratic Ideal, and the Aspirations of the Socialists
  2. The Sources and Division of Wealth: Intelligence, Capital and Labour
  3. The Conflict of Peoples and Classes
  4. The Social Solidarity
  5. The Fundamental Problem of Socialism; The Unadapted
  6. The Struggle with the Unadapted

Book VI: The Destinies of Socialism

  1. The Limits of Historical Prevision
  2. The Future of Socialism



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